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chibi chibi legs :iconshayeragal:Shayeragal 107 12
Toppy's Date
Toppy: Let see, bills, bills, catalog, doctor's notice, and Mom's magazine…
Toppy was going through his family's mail when he discovered that he has gotten a letter himself. He opens it up to find it's from his friend Sheeba one of the Sabers who now lives in East Bay City. The Sabers are a group of four female saber tooth tiger girls who share the same powers as the Tops and are just as tall. Toppy has been keeping in touch with Sheeba the leader of the Sabers for months now.
Carla walked in from her den and saw Toppy grinning silly.
Carla: Another letter from your girlfriend sweetie?
Toppy began blushing as he hands the mail to his mother.
Toppy: Girlfriend? No, no she's not my girlfriend I mean that is to say she's a girl but she's my friend, but it's not what you think I mean it's not what I think, I mean…here's your mail Mom.
Carla: What does she say?
Toppy: Well she and her sisters are doing fine. They just stopped a giant robot from wrecking the city and another mad sc
:iconkoleyl:Koleyl 5 14
photoshop colored :icondarthrabbit1526:darthrabbit1526 2 4 Chibi Punk .:Art-Trade:. :iconembertheangel:EmbertheAngel 4 8 pigtail peeping 2.0 :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 65 51 SS09: Number 1 :iconmafia11:MAFIA11 4 4
Holiday Quick Bits
In the snowy setting of Celestial City, where Christmas lights twinkle and glistens as we find the Tops carrying large letters to a giant billboard. With a help of some of their friends they manage to put the letters together.
Down below we find Toppy with the gang ready to plug in the lights connected to the letters.
Toppy: Okay is everybody ready?
All: Yeah!
Toppy: Okay then 3…2…1 GO!
Toppy plugs in the lights but nothing came on.
Toppy: Huh? That's weird. Hold on folks I'll see what the problem is.
Toppy went to investigate when Carla saw that one of the extensions was pulled out. She puts it back in and the lights came on. Blinding poor Toppy.
Toppy: YEOW! Okay…I'm fine! All right then.
Quick Bits 1:
We find the Tops standing on each other shoulders with Boxcy at the top trying to put the star on top of their tree.
Carla: Oh boys please at least wait until I get a ladder.
Toppy: Don't worry Mom we're doing just fine.
Boxcy: "We" he said.
:iconkoleyl:Koleyl 15 43
A Birthday gift for Chibi :iconfireballstardraco:FireballStardraco 2 33 Chibipunk7231 request X3 :iconcatfox:Catfox 43 26 no underneath my skirt :iconshayeragal:Shayeragal 53 33 chibipunk7231 Fanart :iconxfelixmorganx:xfelixmorganx 1 5 K6K and Jojo :iconknuckles6k:knuckles6k 1 6 222 something coments :iconareebra:Areebra 1 4 A hard days and nights :iconshayeragal:Shayeragal 51 23 hogwarts class begins :iconmchsflutegirl:mchsflutegirl 1 4 Thank you Chibi Chan :iconshayeragal:Shayeragal 32 66

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Spike and Rarity's Quick Get Away
Full View Please! :D Comments And +Favorites Are Greatly Appreciated With Or Without Each Other!

A Commission Piece For :iconsupermariofan: 
Run! Run Spike! Rescue Poor Rarity From The Horrors Of Prince Blueblood! Yeah, And His Backwards Charms! *raspberry*
(c) Spike, Rarity, and Prince Blueblood to My Little Pony

Guardian and Blue pixel by WishesareEternal
My friend WishesareEternal is open for commissions! 

Above is a preview of her pixel artwork for $10 to $15 or 1000 Points.
Click the pixel image or check out her journal here. ->
  Pixel Icon Commissions OpenSo with Valentines Day coming tomorrow, I did post an example of it but if you are interested send me a note or comment here :)
I might also stream tomorrow night if anyone's interested...I know V-day is a kinda sorta stressful day but I figured I'd be a good sport and do something neat for that day, I don't expect anything anyway on that day nor do I care much for it as I use that sounds like I'm being sore about it but's life.
Anyway pixel icons would look like these and they would cost $15 single or pairs.

If you are interested in other commissions you can also note me as well for any questions or inquiries.
Commissions Are Open-Please Read-If you are going to commission me please make sure you WANT to before you do.
I'm not sure 100% if I got the job I went for an interview yesterday and I guess I have to wait a few days for a call back...I'm super nervous because it's already going to be the beginning of the month and already bills are coming in.
My car issue is resolved I just need to get it inspected and I should be fine.
But right now I'm a little low on funds and it would help for now to get commissions, signal boosting would be great...and I don't want any donations or charity, I appreciate it but I rather give you something than just take money from someone..sorry that's just who I am as a person.
It's stressful doing this, but I'm gonna keep trying...Saturday I will be doing a huge stream and work on some stuff...I have an animation I have to work on soon, but it would really REALLY help to get commissions and I'm not gonna cry or whine about it if I don't...I just have to keep trying.
Anyway, prices

The second journal is for her normal commissions. 

Sketch Commissions $10 Add Character $5
Guardian and Blue's Kids by WishesareEternalHappy Birthday Chibiirose by WishesareEternalAre You The Government by WishesareEternal

Colored Sketches $15-$20 depending on the complexity of characters Add. Character $5
Eternal Wishes- The Echidna Traitors by WishesareEternalCute Dragon Bae Lilac by WishesareEternalDogs Can Dance by WishesareEternal

Fully detailed Colored Commissions are $25 $10 for additional character

Eternal Wishes- Peaceful Days by WishesareEternalGF-Mystery Twins by WishesareEternal

-The Princess of Cuteness
-The Queen of Green
-Your Friend in Need, JoJo

P.S. Comment here if you would like to be featured in the future too! :heart:

  • Listening to: FFVIII Eyes on Me
  • Reading: Bite Me - Sherry Laurenston
  • Watching: Youtube Beauty Gurus
  • Playing: Animal Crossing DS
  • Eating: Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Drinking: H20


United States
The color Green
David Bowie
Angelina Jolie
Sweets & Sushi

Getting Sick
Being Depressed
Immoral People
Bad Influences
Polar Bears

As an artist, I love to make people smile through my work. Hopefully I can get back to drawing comics so I can get people to laugh too. I haven't composed comics since highschool and I'm ready to start again.

Meeting new people and making friends is certainly a pleasure. Here on DeviantArt I can do just that, I try my best to return comments to all my friends and fans while enjoying the great talent of those who are more commited to their art!~ <3

Current Residence: USA!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M Size
Print preference: Small and Glossy
Favourite genre of music: 80's
Favourite cartoon character: NIGHTCRAWLER <3 <3 <3

What is your blood type? 

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